About Tyler

Since Tyler could walk, Martial Arts was in his blood. At three, he broke anything he could get his hands on. At five, he picked up Tae Kwon Do and a national championship in the process. At ten, he was introduced to Mixed Martial Arts via Jeet Kun Do. The same year, he got a firsthand glimpse of the sport’s potential after watching Royce Gracie take down an opponent seemingly twice his size at the inaugural Ultimate Fighting Championships in Denver. For the next ten years, Tyler dabbled in MMA while he kept busy with a healthy dose of cartoons, hip-hop and DJing.

However, his MMA fate seemed to catch up with him as a sophomore at the University of Colorado when he stepped foot into Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Boulder. Since that moment, he turned his passion for MMA into the beginnings of a career. Training under some of the region’s most renowned fighters, Tyler cut his teeth on a mix of Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and wrestling fundamentals. He ate, breathed and slept MMA throughout college as he tenaciously prepared for his first professional matchup.

In 2006, his patience and dedication paid off with his first MMA victory in Ring of Fire. His position in the sport quickly gained traction with successful bouts in Strikeforce, WEC, UFC and Shootboxing, where he upset World Champion Kenichi Ogata by KO in Ogata’s home country of Japan.

Tyler currently trains at Grudge Training Center and holds an 11-3 professional MMA record and a 1-0 professional kickboxing record. And throughout all the hard work, Tyler always finds time to balance his MMA life with his passion for BBQ, hip-hop, DJing and his wife Amy, who he married in 2010.