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We’ll start here, just looking at the outside low kick.  Notice how Saenchai works his lead foot outside of his opponent’s, and continues the angle with his lead low kick (replacing his right foot with his left).

Here’s a bit more extreme angle, which I prefer.  Houghton steps outside the lead foot while feinting with his right hand.  I would prefer that he throws the right hand with some power (like we worked on the pads), but it got him the angle he wanted with his low kick.  If you notice after the kick, Houghton positionally at a huge advantage.  He has a great angle — unfortunately, he doesn’t follow up with it.

As much as I dislike Naseem Hamed, he used the swing uppercut really well.  He uses his head movement to get his lead foot outside, then takes the angle with the swing uppercut, and finishes with the left cross (we worked this on the pads, as well).

Another example of him taking an angle with the swing uppercut.

I’m still trying to get a good copy of Eliot’s fight against Jules Bruchez so you can see that sprint-step cross again.  I’ll see if I can dig one up.

In the meantime, just so you can review in your head, we worked:

Stepping outside the lead leg for a low kick (can follow up with a cross or left high kick)

Using the cross (or sprint-step cross) to angle outside the lead foot

Swing uppercut to cross when outside the lead foot (can follow with another cross or right round kick)

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