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PFC 5 Recap

Well, that was a fun fight. I suppose it’s not very often that I get to say that, but I actually had fun in the cage on Friday night.

The weight cut on Thursday went well, thanks in part to coach Sean Madden and the Denver Sports Recovery Clinic. Although it took roughly 5 hours, I lost the seven or so pounds without a hitch, and made my way over to weigh ins. My opponent, Gilbert Jimenez, was almost five pounds over the 145.8lb limit, but, seeing as how he took the fight on two weeks’ notice, I wasn’t too upset. The weigh ins were over with quickly, and I was able to get back to rehydrating.

So hungry.

As far as the actual fight goes, I was able to win a unanimous decision. I went into the fight a bit ‘blind’ in the sense that I didn’t really do much scouting on my opponent. I knew three things about Jimenez — he has a world class guillotine choke, he throws his right hand with the intent to kill, and, although he doesn’t have a great record, he pretty much only fights tough guys (Dustin Poirier, Mackens Semerzier, Scott Cleve, and Chase Hackett are previous opponents of his).

All of that rang true in the fight. Jimenez was (mostly) content to stand with me. I hurt him with strikes several times, but was never able to put him away. In the second round I started working his legs with kicks with some pretty good success. I landed probably 10 solid leg kicks — and even though I’m pretty sure he’s limping today, he never showed any quit in him.

Jimenez got me down a couple of times in the fight, mostly from catching my high kicks. While on top, he did feel dangerous, and I was a bit leery to work my way back up to my feet, suspicious of his guillotine. I was mostly able to stay away from his right hand — except for this one…

This punch gave my ears whiplash.

…which had me doing the stanky leg a little bit in the third round. All in all, a fun way to spend my Friday night. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the fight yet, but I hear it was pretty exciting to watch, as well. Jimenez and I lost the fight of the night bonus to Brian Camozzi and Josh Cavan — if you disagree, you can let the promoter know on his Facebook page.

As always, huge thanks go to my coaches, my teammates, my family, friends, my lovely wife, and of course my sponsors —, Brothers BBQ, Brawlin Combat Gear, Performance MMA, GTG Custom Print, the Fuelary, and Sleepy Hollows Studios. Time for me to eat 20,000 calories of sugar, and hopefully start training for another fight.

Cheat day!

While I sit here, starving, awaiting the terrible 7 pound suffering that lies ahead of me, all I can think about is food.

I don’t know why, but when I’m dieting for a fight, I have no interest in anything on television other than cooking and food shows.  I don’t know why I torture myself.  I tell my wife that it’s my version of “window shopping”.  Maybe I’m trying to gather ideas for my cheat day.

What’s a cheat day, you ask?  Well, it’s the only thing I get to look forward to during a week of rigorous training sessions and bland food.  I was training for my second (I believe) fight when Eliot Marshall and I were discussing our various diets to get down to weight.  Eliot told me “on Sunday, you can have a cheat day — you can eat whatever you want”.  Those words were music to my ears, and I certainly took them to heart.  Eliot was furious the following Monday when I had gained 9 pounds, part of which could be accounted to the entire gallon of ice cream (and the fried chicken/bbq/candy/etc) I had eaten the day before.

Since then, I’ve obviously had to pull it back a bit.  However, every Sunday, without fail, I give myself two meals and a snack of whatever the hell I want.  It’s the only thing that keeps me sane.

Every week I’m craving something different.  For example, a couple of weeks ago, one of my meals was an entire box of Krave breakfast cereal.  I’m a sucker for ice cream, as well.  I love fried chicken more than life itself, and one of life’s great tragedies is that it’s nearly impossible to find decent fried chicken in Colorado (especially on a Sunday, as Tom’s Home Cookin is closed on Sundays — Popeye’s is my only substitute if I can’t stifle my cravings).  That said, I have a couple of regular spots that I attend most weekends.  Here are 5 of my go-to cheat day spots:

5. Duffy’s Cherry Cricket

My great grandfather, Bernard Duffy, founded the Cherry Cricket in 1965.  I believe he sold it sometime in the 70′s, which is a damn shame, because it now takes up an entire city block in the affluent Cherry Creek neighborhood, and is one of the most popular restaurants in Denver.  My wife loves the burgers here (many say they’re the best in Denver), and I’m pretty fond of their wings.  They also have incredible french fries.

4. The Old Man

The Old Man is a beat up, divey kind of bar off 120th in Broomfield.  They have decent BBQ, and they have an incredible selection of crappy beers.  When I don’t have a fight coming up, I go here a fair amount to drink Schlitz, Colt 45, Olympia, and Hamm’s.  It’s one of my favorite places to watch fights, and the bartenders are all cool as hell.  The real reason to go here, though, is their smoked wings.  As I’ve said before, fried chicken is a way of life for me.  I love all varieties — traditional fried chicken… buffalo wings… throw some sugar sauce on there and hook me up with some sesame chicken… I love it all.  If you’re not looking for a straight up buffalo wing, this is a great place to get some variety.  The smoked wings here are the best I’ve had.

3. CD’s Wings

Now, if you’re looking for some straight up, traditional hot/buffalo wings, this is the best place in Colorado that I’ve found (I should note that I haven’t tried Willy’s Wings in Morrison yet, despite several recommendations).  My wife isn’t crazy about this place because, you know, women like something called “ambience” when they eat at restaurants.  I only care about one thing — how the food tastes (this is why my wife argue when I want to eat at the Bourbon Chicken on Colfax, as well).  This place is really just a take out place with deep fat fryers and a couple of tables in front of the counter.  That said, the wings here are incredible.  If you want anything fried, this is where you should be.

2. Brothers BBQ

I’ve been eating regularly at Brothers BBQ since I discovered the Monaco & Leetsdale location in high school.  It’s been a go-to spot for over ten years now.  My current home in Broomfield is less than a mile from a Brothers BBQ location, which is a dream come true for me.  Brothers has consistently solid BBQ, and they’re always adding things to the menu.  You can always go for the ribs, pulled pork, brisket or chicken, but they also have burnt ends, beef ribs, and wings among other things.  The Broomfield location is also going to be adding fried chicken to their menu, which will more than likely change my life.  To top it all off, Brothers BBQ has been a huge local MMA supporter from day one, sponsoring Ring of Fire events as well as local fighters like Luke Caudillo, Duane BANG Ludwig, and some dude named Tyler Toner.

1. Texas De Brazil

This is the ultimate cheat meal.  One of my friends described eating here as feeling “like a king — BRING ME ALL THE BEASTS OF THE LAND SO THAT I MAY DINE ON THEM”.  Texas De Brazil is a Brazilian Churrascaria, where meat is cooked on a modified rotisserie and brought to your table on skewers.  You begin by taking as much food as you want from the most incredible salad bar you’ve ever seen (but get real — who eats salad on a cheat day?).  When you’re done playing games, then you get down to business at your table, which has a small place card with a green side and a red side.  When your place card is flipped to green, the servers constantly stop by your table cutting freshly roasted meats onto your plate.  The menu includes beef ribs, filet mignon, Brazilian sausage, lamb chops, pork loin, bacon wrapped chicken, and a host of other meats.  I usually eat until I’m literally disgusted with myself, flip my card to red to contemplate life for a bit, and repeat two or three times until I can’t move or fall asleep in my chair.

There you have it — my 5 go-to cheat day spots.  Feel free to leave suggestions, as I’m always looking for new places to become fat.

RFA 11 Opponent Change!

Unfortunately Tommy Thompson, my original opponent for RFA 11, broke his foot in training. Best wishes to him on a speedy recovery.

At the same time, Alvin Robinson is beginning a terrifying new chapter in his life as the father of three brand new daughters. Obviously, taking care of triplets, and taking care of a wife that just gave birth to triplets, leaves little to no time for training or fighting. Thus, Alvin was forced to pull out of his fight as well.
That left two 145ers without fights on the RFA card.

I will now be fighting Raoni Barcelos, an undefeated black belt from Brazil. From what I’ve seen, Barcelos has a combination of world-class Jiu-Jitsu, a strong wrestling background, as well as some impressive power in his hands. Should be a tough fight.

Tickets are still available at! Be sure to select me as your fighter.
Or tune in to AXS TV tomorrow night to catch the fight. Wish me luck on my weight cut.