Watch Sean Madden Wreck Shop at Lion Fight

Our very own Sean Madden will be putting his skills on the line once again for America’s most prestigious Muay Thai promotion, Lion Fight. The Lion Fight 23 card is a stacked one, featuring fan favorites Kevin Ross and Tiffany Van Soest fighting against experienced Thais, and living legend Malaipet against Liam Harrison in the main event.

Coach Madden will be the very last fight on the non-televised portion of the card. Unfortunately, Lion Fight doesn’t hook up an official stream to watch the prelims. The good news for us is that Steve Eisman is out there alongside Estrogen Fight Team members Alex Barse and Liz “Lizard” Gerrity. Thankfully Liz has agreed to use technology to our advantage, and stream Sean’s fight from her phone. Here are instructions on how to check it out.

1. Download and install the Periscope app

Periscope is a live streaming app that works alongside Twitter. Follow this link to download the app for your iPhone, or this link to download it for an Android phone. No luck for you Windows Phone users out there.

2. Follow Lizard on the app

Once you’ve installed the app and created an account, you will be brought to the dashboard screen. From there, you need to click on the ‘people’ icon. On my phone, it was in the upper-right corner, as shown. On iOS devices, it may be in the lower right corner. Either way, the icon is still the same.

From there, you need to follow Liz. Tap the magnifying glass to search for Liz, then type in her account name, which is “liz_legendary”, and click Liz G to follow.

3. Watch the mayhem.

From there, just click on the broadcast icon to see everything Liz posts. She already posted an earlier video of Sean warming up, and she should be live about 10 minutes before the fight or so.

Just be warned of two things — you will be watching a cell phone video from the 9th row of the live fights. Don’t expect an HD-quality UFC broadcast. Also, don’t be surprised if you hear Liz and Alex screaming copious profanities during the fight. You kind of get like that when one of your homeboys/girls is fighting. If you’re offended by strong language, mute your phone.

The preliminary card starts at around 5:00pm PST, so 6:00pm Mountain Time. Sean is the fifth fight on the card, so the earliest he would fight would be probably 7:00pm Mountain Time. I would start checking in on Lizard’s account just before that to be sure not to miss it.

Immediately after Sean’s fight, the televised portion of the card starts on AXS TV if you want to continue to watch. And you might check out Liz’s account later that night, as she might stream some post-fight weirdness. Last time we fought on a Lion Fight card, Sean ended up trading shirts with a drunk Malaipet at like, 3AM. I was in the Las Vegas emergency room with a broken face on July 4th, which also would have made for an interesting stream.

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