Paramount Prize Fighting Opponent Change

Another training camp against a highly touted opponent, and another injury. As some of you may have heard by now, Ryan Schultz tore his ACL while training for our fight.
Fighting Schultz would’ve been a huge honor for me. I’ve been a fan of his since watching him tear up the IFL years ago, and he’s a fighter I’ve always looked up to. Since his move to Colorado, I’ve had the pleasure of training with him and his partner-in-crime Ed Herman several times. Both couldn’t be nicer dudes, and I couldn’t have more respect for either of them. It’s a bummer for myself and for the fans that this fight won’t be taking place, but obviously an even bigger bummer for Schultz, as he has a pretty long road to recovery with a torn ACL. I wish him the best in recovery — hopefully we can see him again in action as soon as possible.
The PFC promoter, Seth Daniels, has been hustling hard to replace injured fighters for this card. In my relatively long career in Colorado MMA, I don’t think I’ve seen as many fighters pull off of a card as I have seen on this one. Huge credit to Seth for keeping this card together and interesting — I know it’s been a struggle for him. Luckily, he was on top of it right away, and this past Saturday, he was able to confirm an opponent for me.

My new opponent will be Gilbert “The Pitbull” Jimenez. As cliche as the name “The Pitbull” is, from what I’ve seen of his fights so far, it describes his fighting style pretty well. I haven’t watched a ton of footage on him yet, but it looks like we should have a pretty exciting fight here. The bane of my existence since I started MMA has been the high level wrestler that takes me down, holds me there, and wins a decision. Fortunately, I doubt that will be the case for this fight. Jimenez comes out chucking punches full power for the entirety of every round. His grappling exchanges are full of wild scrambles and risky submission attempts. Sounds like a fun one.

Only a week and a half left. Be sure to grab tickets at the Easton Training Centers in Boulder and Denver, or call (720)837-7746. I hope to see a huge army of Thundermaniacs for the fight and post-fight celebration.

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