RFA 11 in Broomfield

Well, now that that broken face debacle is out of the way, it’s time for me to fight another grown man in a cage again. This time, we’ll be about one mile from my house — at the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, CO, for RFA 11.

RFA 11 Poster

Friday, November 22nd is when it’s going down. I will be fighting the undefeated Tommy “Gun” Thompson. At 12-0, he will obviously be a very tough opponent. In fact, he has fought and beat two of my friends in Joey Banks and Josh Huber. I know for a fact that both of those guys are tough as hell, so I’m sure I will be in for a fight.

One thing Tommy doesn’t have going for him, though, is alliteration. Although the nickname “gun” is certainly clever, playing off his first name of Tommy, it is an indisputable fact that “TGT” doesn’t have the same ring as “TTT”. No one had better dare argue with me on this.

Also on the card is one of my long time teammates Alvin “Kid” Robinson fighting another undefeated prospect and fellow BJJ black belt in Raoni Barcelos. The main event features the RFA flyweight world title. Elevation fighter Vinny Lopez will be cracking some skulls as well. It should prove to be a fun night.

If you want to come join in the on the fun, I have tickets at both the Easton Denver and Boulder locations. If you’re too lazy to move from in front of your computer screen, you can also buy tickets at Cagetix.com. Be sure to select RFA 11 in Broomfield as your event and me, of course, as your fighter. The main card will also be featured on AXS TV.

Thundermaniacs unite!

5 Comments on "RFA 11 in Broomfield"

  1. T BOZ says:

    man, where is the sweet tagline for this RFA? No: “RFA 11: THE BECOMING”? “RFA 11: THE TROUBADORS BOUT”? No: “RFA 11: BATTLE BOYZ”? C’mon!

  2. Brian Mackey says:

    Tyler, I heard from about the fight from Sam. Kick some ass.

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