VFC Fight Night 2 a No-Go

They say “there’s a first time for everything”.

I distinctly remember the first time I felt “old”.  My buddy Tyler Breuer (of The Knew fame) had gotten free tickets to the Warped Tour last year.  For those of you that are even older and out of touch with popular culture than I am — the Warped Tour is a huge national tour sponsored by Vans (a shoe company that primarily caters to skateboarders).  It mainly features music geared towards teenagers with black fingernail polish, but also puts bands like NOFX and Bad Religion on the card.  I went to see Andrew WK.

Anyway, there certainly was a lot of black fingernail polish.  And colorful sunglasses.  And fluorescent body paint.  And there were a lot of people in costumes.  And within fifteen minutes, the only thought I had in my head was “man, these kids are all idiots”.  There it was.  I was old.

I guess one of the side effects of being old, besides being a grumpy bastard (I’ll be a clone of Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino in no time — minus the racism), is injury.

Broken Orbital

Baby Ruth?

I’ve always prided myself on my invincibility.  I’ve broken my nose a couple of times, I’ve received somewhere near 200 stitches in my career, I’ve had my fair share of strains, sprains, bumps, and bruises — but I’ve never had an injury serious enough to pull out of a fight.  Well, there’s a first time for everything.

As a few of you know, I was scheduled to fight VFC featherweight champ Ryan Roberts in South Dakota on November 2nd.  Victory is a very well respected show in the Midwest, and Ryan Roberts is a very tough veteran of the fight game.  I didn’t even get a chance to publicly announce the fight before a freak accident came along and broke my right orbital (eye socket).  Fortunately, the recovery time isn’t very long.  Unfortunately, in order to recover, there can be absolutely no contact to pretty much the entire right side of my face for several weeks.  That means no wrestling, no rolling, and certainly no sparring.  In order to prepare for that caliber of opponent, in a five round fight no less, I would unquestionably need to do all of those things, at high intensity, very often, every day until the fight.

So I had no choice but to pull out of the fight.  My sincerest apologies go to Ryan Roberts, VFC promoter Ryan Stoddard, and the four or five of you that knew about and were looking forward to my fight (probably my mom, my dad, my brother, and my wife).  If all goes well, we are looking at rescheduling the fight for December 14 in Omaha, NE.  Until then, I will continue to do cardio and try not to get too fat.  Starting right after I crush a couple of meals at Brothers BBQ.

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