Buckley MMA Fight Night.

Alright, Thundermaniacs… We’re gonna start ’13 (also known as the year of the Thunder) off with a bang. I will be fighting on February 9th in my home town of Aurora, CO on Ring of Fire’s first card on an active military base.
Buckley MMA Fight Night
I will be fighting in the co-main event of the evening against Bellator veteran Cody Carrillo. Carrillo has a ton of experience with an MMA record of 21-9. He comes from a tough, Muay Thai based gym in Janira Muay Thai of Kansas, which should lead to an exciting fight.

I’m excited to fight on this show for a variety of reasons. For one, I was raised in Aurora, and no one beats me up in Aurora except my older brother. Two, I’m excited to fight for the active troops on the base — it should be a really cool experience and atmosphere, and I’m glad to give something back to everyone that puts their lives on the line for us. Lastly, I have a bunch of friends fighting on the card.
In the main event, my buddy Alvin “Kid” Robinson will be squaring off against Fabio “Jungle Boy” Serrao. I beat Serrao in 2009 for the Ring of Fire belt, and that guy, to this day, has the hardest head of anyone I’ve ever fought. In fact, I broke my hand on his head (didn’t seem to phase him all that much).

My Broken Hand

Another good friend of mine, Sam “The Man” Rauch (also a former 505th parachute infantryman) is making his return to MMA on the card. Sam has been in my corner multiple times, and is as tough as they come. If you look up “tough” in the dictionary, it says “strong and durable; not easily broken or cut”, but it should say “see Sam Rauch”. Kickboxing extraordinaire, Duane Ludwig protege, Easton Training Center instructor and perpetual smartass Sean Madden will be fighting a kickboxing match. Last but not least, Cory “Boy Wonder” Sandhagen, the 20-year-old child prodigy from Easton/Grudge/High Altitude will be fighting his second MMA fight on the card as well.

Although there will be very few civilians in attendance, I’ll keep the website updated with info on how to watch/keep up with the card.

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