ROF 43 Loss

Every athlete has an off night every now and then.  Fortunately for me, most of my “off nights” have been during practice .  I can usually attribute it to being burnt out, or not getting enough sleep, or whatever other excuse I want to make for myself that day.  Sometimes, however, you’re just not there when it matters the most.

Individual athletes have it tough.  If Michael Jordan had a rare off night, Scottie Pippen could be there to pick up the slack.  Individual athletes don’t have the same luxury.  Olympic athletes work their asses off for four years, and one misstep can flush their life’s dream down the toilet.

My situation isn’t as dire.  Yes, I had an off night.  Hats off to Cameron Dollar, who never gave me a second to recover and get my legs underneath me.  However, unlike an olympic athlete, I get another chance to get into the cage as soon as I’m ready.  And I’m ready — I’m looking to get another fight in very soon to erase the memory of the last one from my mind.  So keep an eye on, and hopefully I will have an announcement very soon.

Sorry to my fans, teammates, and trainers that I let down, and thanks to all the same people for the continued support.

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