ROF 42 Aftermath

Overall, I would say that went pretty well — my fight at Ring of Fire 42, that is. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I’ve been steadily fighting top notch competition, but I’ve been a slow starter lately. I don’t think I’ve won the first round in my past 4 fights, and this fight was no different. Hopefully that will change next time around.

I knew Nick Macias would be well-rounded, and I came into the fight ready for anything. In the back of my mind, however, I expected him to try to take me down. And that’s what he tried to do. It became pretty evident early on in the fight that his gameplan was to get me to the mat and dominate position. So I spent almost the entire first round with my back against the cage defending the takedown.

Ring of Fire 42 - 1

Defending the takedown.

When you’re training for a fight, you try to practice enough repetition of every motion that it becomes automatic. In the cage, I find that my adrenaline is going so hard that I’m pretty much on auto-pilot. After most of my fights, I need people to tell me what happened so I can fill in all the blanks in my head. That said, sometimes when you’re in there, you simply forget things. That’s what your corner is there for.

Eliot Marshall is one of the best corners in the world. If you’ve never met him, his voice is roughly 50 decibels louder than your average human’s. Couple that with his total knowledge of the fight game, and his ability to shout clear, concise instructions, and you have yourself a pretty solid corner. In between the first and second round, Eliot was able to pound it into my head to stay near the center of the ring, away from the cage. It seems like a pretty simple concept when your opponent’s success depends on him driving you to the cage to get the takedown, but… once again, when you’re in the cage, sometimes you just forget.

Ring of Fire 42, 2

Eliot, very calmly telling me to keep my ass away from the cage.

In the second and third rounds I had much more success. I was able to find my mark with my punches and kicks, defend the takedown much more successfully, and even threaten with some submissions. I won the second and third round, and took home a unanimous decision.

Ring of Fire 42, 3

Now on to the obligatory “Thank You’s”. I’ve said it before, but there are so many people involved in a successful fight camp. There are plenty of people to thank.
First, I would like to thank Nick Macias for putting up such a tough fight. I swear to God, I hit that guy with some shots that would drop a water buffalo, and I don’t think he took a step backwards the whole fight. That kid is tough as nails.
Second, I would like to thank my friends and my family for their support — and mostly my wife. She puts up with a lot of my crap for the 6-8 weeks heading into my fight.
Obviously, I couldn’t do it without the Easton/Grudge fight team. I have an incredible group of training partners that push me every day, and a top notch staff of coaches (Eliot, Leister, Amal, Trevor, Duane, Reid… thanks again).
Finally, thanks to my sponsors, the always supportive Beggan Family and PellowBeggan, LLC, Rupture Clothing, Rated Fresh, and Matt Bernier at Muscle Activation Techniques.

I haven’t seen the video yet, but here are the highlights from Inside MMA:

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Happy Holidays everyone. Now I’m going to go get fat. See you next year!

Photos courtesy of Joe Cordova @ Brawlin Fight Fotos

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