ROF 41 Aftermath

As usual, I forgot to bring my camera to the fights, so I didn’t get any ill behind-the-scenes pictures for you guys, but I will give you my (somewhat scattered) thoughts on the fight.

As most of you probably know already, I won by TKO with just over a minute to go in the third round.  I was definitely behind on the judges’ cards, and was well on my way to another decision loss.  My opponent, JR Sims, had a very frustrating style that I was having a hard time capitalizing on.  He stayed outside of the pocket most of the fight, waited for me to commit to a strike, and chucked back with some of the fastest counters I’ve ever seen.

In both the first and the second rounds, he timed my low-kicks, caught them, and put me on my back.  On top, he stayed patient in my guard, and landed big elbows when the opportunity presented itself.  Perhaps because I was being a bit lazy, but he kept his posture just well enough so that I couldn’t quite catch a submission.

Dr. Alex stitching up my eye.

My only "behind-the-scenes" pic. Dr. Alex stitching up my eye after the fight. Thanks doc!

Coming out for the third round, I knew I had to finish in order to win the fight.  I was finally starting to get my rhythm together, and I was finally starting to listen to my corner, so things finally started to come together.  I landed a decent knee, and a pretty good right hand counter at the vehement request of Trevor Wittman, and was able to put Sims on the fence.  From there, I threw non-stop punches in the hopes that he would finally go down.  Eventually, Sims turned his back, and the referee stopped the fight.

One of the last punches of the fight.

Throwing one of the final punches before the ref stepped in, courtesy of Joe Cordova at

And that was pretty much it.  There was a rush of jubilation and relief (for both my coaches and I) followed by lots of alcohol and even more crappy food.

Post Fight Pic

Post fight picture, courtesy of Joe Cordova at

There are a ton of “thank you”s in order.  I don’t think people realize how much goes into the preparation for the fight — not just from the fighters, but from all the people that surround them.  First off, I have to thank my wife, family, and friends, for putting up with my grumpiness for the six weeks leading up to every fight.  Obviously, I owe a lot to my coaches:  Eliot Marshall, Trevor Wittman, Duane Ludwig, Amal Easton, Leister Bowling, and Reid Delman for all their technical work, and Eric Telly & Luke Caudillo for getting me into shape.  I have the best group of training partners in the world at Grudge Training Center and Easton BJJ.  The Ring of Fire promoter, Sven Bean, has given me countless opportunities throughout my career — I wouldn’t be here without him as well.  And finally, huge thanks go out to my fans (according to Twitter, I have 252 of them now) for their support.  I’m not sure what’s next for me, but I will definitely keep you all updated.

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  1. Billy says:

    Way to go Thunder! Gutsy performance. You blew the roof off the Event Center in the 3rd round with the comeback.

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