Training Log: Circuit at Steadman Hawkins

Three days a week, I do my strength and conditioning training with coach Eric Telly down at the Steadman Hawkins clinic in the Denver Tech Center.  The Steadman Hawkins clinic specializes in orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation.  (Somewhat) recently, their sports rehab program has spawned a sports performance program, led by strength and conditioning guru Loren Landow.  Most of the Grudge team does their s&c work at Steadman Hawkins, as well as a host of NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and countless other professional athletes.  The team at Steadman Hawkins is on some next-level type ish when it comes to the science behind sports performance.

My Monday and Wednesday workouts are usually speed/power/strength days — my workouts consist of compound lifts, plyometric exercises, anaerobic routines, etc.  My Friday workouts are simply the worst.  Every Friday, Eric puts together a brutal circuit for me — three five-minute rounds with a minute rest in between, obviously to simulate a fight.  Here was my workout from last Friday.

  • 6 Dumbbell Squat Jumps
  • 7 Plyometric Pushups
  • 20 sec. of Russian Lunges (alternating lunges)
  • 20 sec. hold on the TRX bands
  • 20 sec. sprint on the Versaclimber (I hate this thing)
  • 6 ball slams
  • 7 Reactive Burpees (Sprawl, catch and throw a medicine ball back)
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 12 sec. sprint forward on the Upper Body Ergometer (I also hate this thing)
  • 12 sec. sprint backwards onthe UBE
  • 2 resisted sprints down the hallway
  • 1 min. shadowboxing

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  1. Billy says:

    This montage is incredible!

  2. Momma Dawn says:

    Good Luck next weekend!! You are looking strong!
    : )

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