Training Log: Padwork with Lil’ Hulk

The thing about preparing for an MMA fight is — you can’t neglect any facet of the game.  You simply have to roll, wrestle, spar, and hit the pads on top of your cardio work, or you’re not in shape.  That’s just the way it is.  Every part of the game requires a different set of skills, and a different kind of cardio.  I’m lucky in that I have a plethora of awesome training partners and coaches that are willing to hold the pads for me.

Once, or if I’m lucky, twice a week, I get together with my buddy Luke “Lil’ Hulk” Caudillo to get a couple of rounds of padwork.  Luke has his own room at Forza Fitness in downtown Denver, and the dude is a master pad-holder.  He keeps a really high pace, and after a couple of weeks of working mitts with him, my ass is in shape.

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