Training Log: The Hill

The Bottom of the Hill

View from the bottom of "The Hill".

Saunas and sled hills.  Those are two things that have been absolutely ruined by my fighting career.  What used to fill me with excitement and anticipation, now fills me with dread.

One of my buddies, Chaun Sims, discovered this particular hill four or five years ago.  He thought it would be a good idea to try to run some hill sprints on it.  You know, for fun.  Since then, it has evolved into one of my least favorite cardio sessions for my fights.

“The Hill” is actually a sledding hill, located at Tantra Park in south Boulder, CO.  During the winter, the trees at the bottom are wrapped in foam pads, and you can find dozens of kids gleefully sledding and/or snowboarding down it.  The Hill brings joy to hundreds of kids each year, and misery to a few adults.

The View from the top of The Hill

View from the top of The Hill

The routine is simple enough.  Sprint to the top, and walk down.  10 times.  With a warmup and cool-down, it only takes about a half hour.  The Hill itself is about 60 yards long, with a pretty brutal pitch.  The worst part is, about halfway up, the grade increases about 10%, so you’re putting out the same amount of effort, but you’re not moving nearly as much.  It doesn’t look that bad, but it’s a bitch, and I hate it with every fiber of my being.  I run The Hill once, maybe twice a week.  When I can crank up and down 10 times without feeling like killing myself, I know I’m in pretty good shape.

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